Author: Michelle Medina-Villalon

A Testament to Young Artistry: BMC’s Into the Woods

Stephen Sondheim is regaled as one of, if not the, greatest musical theatre composer of the past century. His work spanned a career of over 60 years, including staples of the American theatrical genre such as Sweeney Todd, Company, and of course, Into the Woods. Sondheim’s passing in 2021 was a deep wound for the musical theatre community at large, with many considering it the end of an era for the genre. However, with great loss comes great change. Sondheim’s shoes cannot be filled, but his legacy can continue to inspire and raise artists to new heights. Last night’s production of Into the Woods at the Brevard Music Center confirmed that the future of musical theatre is as bright as the young artists who took the stage with the discipline, passion, and commitment of true professionals.

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