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We thank the following for their in-kind support in 2021-2022:

We gratefully acknowledge ongoing support from photographers Mark Manring and The Right Image Photography, Inc. and from actor Jerome Davis, cellist David Oh, tenor Timothy Sparks, & Herb Jackson, painter, whose photographs grace CVNC‘s banner.

We thank the following for their in-kind support in FY 2020-21:

  • Alexander Silbiger
  • Alice A. Turner
  • Robert W. Upchurch
  • John W. & Nancy N. Lambert in memory of Peter Ingram, Ted McIrvine, and William Thomas Walker
  • Ann C. Pearce Flutes & Bells
  • G. Smedes York in memory of Peter Ingram
  • Carolyn A. Kohring
  • Joel R. Adams
  • Anna L. Wilson
  • Paula and Dan Locklair
  • George A. & Mary S. Deaton
  • Scott T. Tilley
  • Nancy Malitz
  • Robin Lynne Frye
  • Karen Moorman
  • Colin Campbell

We thank the following for their in-kind support in 2020-2021:

For FY 2019-20:
Robert F. Dean
Joel R. Adams
Kate Steinbeck and Pan Harmonia
Joel R. Adams
Chelsea S. Waddelow and Jim M Waddelow, Jr.,
Jean Wozencraft-Ornellas
Carolyn & Ray Kohring
John W. Lambert in memory of John R. and Dorothy W. Lambert
Tim Lindeman
Kurt Friedmann
Ann C. Pearce
Joel R. Adams
Margaret S. Bill
Anne F. Parks
Robert W. Upchurch
Carolyn P. Coolidge-Riggs
Sara Craven
Colin Campbell
Ann Witherspoon and Carol Woods Retirement Community in memory of William Thomas Walker
Brenda Bruce
Joel R. Adams
Gary Treadway in memory of William Thomas Walker
Scott H. & Sue T. Goodwin
George Deaton
Eric D. Hale & Anna Beth Brown
Anna Ludwig Wilson
Mark Tulbert
Gary Cole
Robin Lynne Frye
Paula & Dan Locklair
C.I. & Louise M. Bryan
Kathleen Johnson
Margaret Partridge
William S. Pate
Joel R. Adams
B.A. Biggs
Christopher Williams
Joel R. Adams
Meg Freeman Whalen
Fran Steele
Elizabeth and Joe Kahn Charitable Fund
Alice Turner