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Through 6/16: C’est La Guerre Returns in Epic Fashion with “The Lisbon Traviata”

The final production is rough around the edges by the admission of the company themselves, and yet, I would firmly describe it as nothing short of a triumph. And I do not mean triumph in the generic sense; I mean specifically that C’est La Guerre overcame lofty goals, high expectations, and surprising difficulties to bring their audience something truly special. This is a staging of The Lisbon Traviata driven by the infectious passion and commitment by everyone involved.

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THROUGH 6/16: Camel City’s “Bat Boy” Rocks the House, Makes ‘Em Laugh, Makes ‘Em Cry

There are so many interesting themes in “Bat Boy” that I hardly know where to start. It’s a parody of group think, prejudice, and mob hysteria. It is an allegory of the outsider. It is a Jungian examination of our shadow side, and a call to integrate our animal and human natures, as the last line of the play suggests: “Don’t deny the beast inside.”

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