Author: Lakota Craft

Strike at the Wind Returns to the Lumbee Cultural Center with Stunning Performances

Tuesday night, the Lumbee Cultural Center began their four-night performance of Strike at the Wind, directed by Dr. Jonathan Drahos, who is also Director of Theatre at UNC Pembroke. The production, a joint project by UNC Pembroke and the Lumbee Tribe, follows the life of Henry Berry Lowry, an Indigenous outlaw who, along with his gang, fought for justice, opportunities, equality, and recognition for the Lumbee people. Throughout the play, Lowry experiences the brunt of a segregated world in which Indigenous people are treated as less than human, and the grief of fighting for change. After the murders of his father and little brother, Lowry’s feelings towards injustice were ignited and he began to settle the score by working for his community through various acts and deals until his disappearance in 1872.

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