The Beautiful Project: Arts & Activism Apprentices: (RE)CLAMATION

Durham Arts Council 120 Morris Street, Durham, NC, United States

(RE)CLAMATION explores photography as a catalyst for radical healing, inviting viewers to explore the reclamation of self through art as a way to confront harmful experiences, affirm your worth, and reclaim your power! This exhibition is supported by The Durham Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and is part of The Durham Arts Council Exhibit Program. The Beautiful Project’s (TBP) Arts & Activism Apprentices are a group of trained Black girls and nonbinary youth activists who use photography, visual arts, writing and care to explore cultural activism within their artistry.  As TBP commemorates 20 years of empowering Black girls, gender-expansive youth, and women to assertively claim their own narratives through storytelling, we celebrate the healing power of art.