Things moved quickly the week of March 9 – has it been only two months? One community orchestra dropped its Sunday concert due to a stricken player. A somewhat apprehensive crowd attended presentations by Grant Llewellyn on the NC Symphony’s upcoming concerts – all subsequently cancelled or postponed.  He was joined by Roy Dicks and John Lambert to discuss Joe Mobley’s and Lambert’s new book The North Carolina Symphony: A History. By that weekend, the cancellations had not merely begun but were torrential. COVID-19 had gripped the planet with a vengeance the likes of which only 1918 flu pandemic survivors might fully have comprehended. is fortunate to have kind donors – and understanding grantors – that make it possible for our publication and website to continue through the pandemic, not with reviews but with articles on wide-ranging topics intended to inform, divert, entertain, and console during this stay-at-home period of as-yet-indeterminate duration. We have published a baker’s dozen of articles, encompassing all the performing arts disciplines plus film, written by CVNC‘s regular contributors and in one instance by guest columnist William Henry Curry. We have more of these articles in the pipeline as we await a new normal when live, on-stage performances resume.

Until we are able to meet again, check regularly for new articles. Follow our Facebook ( and Twitter (@CVNCorg) accounts where we’ll post links to these articles. There we will also note some fine streaming opportunities from artists both local and around the world.

Keep in touch – we care about you, how you personally are faring, and urge you to send news from your organizations. We cannot yet envision what all of our work will look like on the other side, but we WILL get through this. We are ALL in this together.