Author: Samantha Oleschuk

THROUGH 10/21: The Ella West Gallery Opens with Powerful Exhibit, Return to Parrish Street: A Dream Realized

As the inaugural exhibition of the newly opened Ella West Gallery, Return to Parrish Street: A Dream Realized is a mighty and impressive achievement of founder Linda Shropshire‘s goal to create a welcoming fine-art space that celebrates diversity in the Durham community. The Ella West Gallery is located on historic Black Wall Street, the home of the successful African-American entrepreneurial business community that flourished on Parrish Street. Featuring work by North Carolina artists Clarence Heyward and Kennedi Carter (with work by North Carolina native James Ransome to arrive September 11), the exhibition ponders the relationship between dreams and destiny to posit the pursuit and presentation of agency and individual identity as a communal dream, a vulnerable action, and a shared effort.

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THROUGH 6/11: There’s a Mystery at TheatreFEST…Holmes and Watson

It’s that time of year again… June marks TheatreFEST in Raleigh! And, this year, NC State University Theatre offers an enticing production of Holmes and Watson at Titmus Theatre on campus in Thompson Hall.

Written by Jeffrey Hatcher in Arthur Conan Doyle‘s world of the popular fictional detective, this mystery unfolds three years after Sherlock Holmes is presumed dead following an altercation with Professor Moriarty at the Falls of Reichenbach. Holmes’ body was never found, and Dr. John Watson (Gus Allen) receives a message from an asylum where three men claim to be the missing Holmes. Thrusted into the spellbinding story, the audience follows Watson through his analysis of the three patients as well as Dr. Evans (Dan Oliver), the orderly (Justin Brent Johnson), and the matron of the asylum (Katie Barrett) to answer a multitude of questions: Who is the real Holmes? How did he survive the fall at Reichenbach? And how did these charlatans end up at the asylum?

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