September 6, 2001: Classical Voice of North Carolina (CVNC) was officially incorporated in North Carolina. Here’s a little update on CVNC’s activities.

At our last meeting, CVNC’s Board of Directors approved a new Advisory Board to help us improve communications with the arts community we serve. In alphabetical order, the new people are composer and conductor William Henry Curry, ethnomusicologist and cellist Jonathan Kramer, vocalist and teacher Waltye Rasulala, and concertmaster and pedagogue Yang Xi.

Have you responded to our homepage question asking “Who reviews your favorite performing artist or group? It used to be your local newspaper. Is this still true?” The News & Observer no longer publishes cultural reviews, effective September 1. (Their long-time critic rejoins us while he continues to do previews for the daily….) The Charlotte Observer abandoned their reviews earlier this summer. This is happening all over our state (really everywhere!).

We hope we can press on, but funding remains a challenge.

Local and state grants provide 25-30% of our funds each year. This year we have received grants from the following agencies and organizations:
NC Arts Council: $8,500 – this funds roughly 70 reviews
United Arts of Raleigh & Wake County: $2,300 – this funds roughly 18 reviews
City of Raleigh Arts Commission: $10,300 – this in effect funds 82 reviews (although it’s actually operating support…)

Foundation gifts from donor-advised funds include:
Winston-Salem Foundation: $1,000 – this funds 8 reviews at the UNCSA

This adds up to 178 reviews we could publish in 2017-18. In recent years we have published as many as 450 reviews. The shortfall in funds is equal to 272 reviews.

The difference is up to you.

Please consider a tax-deductible gift. If you work for a company that matches your contributions, please tell us. If you are a presenter, please advertise with us – and then invite your patrons to consider supporting us, too.

We must have increased financial support from our readers to provide the statewide calendar services and reviews you have come to expect.

Now’s the time! We are all in this together.