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Classical Voice of North Carolina ( has posted in 2016-17:

•  3,437 unique events
•  6,325 individual performances & exhibits

•  362 features and reviews
•  115 previews provided by presenters with ad buys/exchanges
•  Links on Facebook ( and Twitter (CVNCorg)
8,261 total reviews, features and previews in archives

•  Do you use calendar to find events to attend?
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CVNC is the only 501c(3) nonprofit online arts journal covering all of North Carolina. This year we’ve published reviews of soloists, university music, theatre, and dance ensembles, touring artists of all kinds, and a bit of visual arts. Do you see this array anywhere else? Would you miss us if we ceased publication?

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CVNC Budget 2016-17

$57.405      Programs (editors, contracted writers’ fees, internet charges)
$17,120      Administrative (salary, postage, printing, etc.
$74,525      TOTAL EXPENSES

Income to date
$21,820     Contributions from individuals & foundations
$30,048     Government, org. & corporate grants
$11,502      Advertising income
$       85      Interest, etc.
$63,455     TOTAL INCOME

$11,070     NEED TO RAISE by JUNE 30