And besides, the weather’s more tolerable in New Hampshire!

Matthew Hager, CVNC‘s Calendar and Theatre Editor, is spending part of the summer at Jean’s Playhouse in Lincoln, NH working in “a brand new theater building [with] a fairly new artistic director who has big visions for the company and is really building it well.”

Matthew writes that he has “a ten-week, three-show contract. [He’s] Max (the lead!) in Lend Me a Tenor, in the ensemble for Pippin, and Padre in Man of La Mancha. The schedule,” he tells us, “is grueling, nine hours of rehearsal, six days a weekbut despite how exhausting the days are, it’s an absolute blast. The people and company are wonderful and supportive….

“We’re housed in … ‘ski lodges,’ which are really just old houses with a bunch of small bedrooms (two to a room). We have twelve people and one shower in my house…, and with little privacy, the living situation is not without its challenges. However, having two friends working up here (coincidentally two other Burning Coal company members) makes things easier and more normalized.

“I have to wear a jacket up here once the sun sets! The views are incredible everywhere you look.

“It’s going to be a long yet fulfilling summer, but I’m sure I’ll be ready to come home by the end of it.”

And atop all that’s, he’s continuing his work for CVNC online. He’s a trouper for sure.

Tar Heels vacationing in the Granite State: check our Jean’s Playhouse and send reports!