WDAV Classical Public Radio: RII in Concert: A Celebration of WDAV’s Recording Inclusivity Initiative

The Long Room 1111 Central Ave STE 230, Charlotte, United States

WDAV Classical Public Radio is delighted to announce “RII in Concert: A Celebration of WDAV’s Recording Inclusivity Initiative,” a sparkling evening of music and community engagement to celebrate the official release of WDAV’s first three Recording Inclusivity Initiative recordings: Damien Geter’s String Quartet No. 1 (Neo Soul), B.E. Boykin’s Moments in Sonder, and Xinyan Li’s Mongolian Impressions. The program will feature live performances of all three works and captivating video content documenting the recording process, which took place throughout the summer of 2023. WDAV’s Recording Inclusivity Initiative is supported, in part, by the Infusion Fund and its generous donors. This project is funded, in part, by ASC and made possible with generous support from Catherine and Wilton Connor. More information about WDAV's Recording Inclusivity Initiative project can be found at the WDAV RII webpage.