This preview has been provided by the Triangle Brass Band.

When a concert-goer walks into the average concert, they expect that all of programming decisions have already been made, and that “the program” is all laid-out before them on a piece of paper. Not so the Triangle Brass Bands’ March 26th concert “Freedom of Choice.” On this concert, a few of the musical selections are already set-in-stone, but the audience will be given the opportunity to choose between several possibilities, to be performed on the second half of the concert.

One choice that the Triangle Brass has already made for you, though, is the choice of soloist – and it is one who is worth coming many miles to hear. Trumpeter Jens Lindemann, born in Germany, and a citizen of Canada, now makes his home in Los Angeles, and is in high demand as soloist across the globe. Mr. Lindemann, who has been described as “part ballet dancer, part gymnast and part magician…” was recently named “International Brass Personality of the Year” by the Brass Herald, and is also the first classical trumpet player to receive the prestigious Order of Canada award. Jens has played in every major concert venue in the world: from the Philharmonics of New York, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin to Tokyo’s Suntory Hall and even the Great Wall of China. His career has ranged from appearing internationally as an orchestral soloist, performing at London’s ‘Last Night of the Proms’, and recording with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, to playing lead trumpet with the renowned Canadian Brass and a solo Command Performance for the Queen of England.

The featured work for Mr. Lindemann on the program is Peter Meechan’s “Orpheus,” a Trumpet Concerto written specifically for him. He will also perform other works, some solo, some accompanied by a small ensemble, and some accompanied by the full Triangle Brass Band. The core works for the Triangle Brass Band are “Journey into Freedom” by Eric Ball and “Finale to Symphony Number 5” by Shostakovich. The award-winning Triangle Youth Brass Bands will also perform on some parts of the concert. The selections on the ballot for the second half feature Jens in many styles – maybe the audience will hear the passionate “Adagio from Concerto de Aranjuez,” the fiery “Malaguena,” the gentle New Zealand lullaby “Hine e Hine,” the soulful “Someone to Watch Over Me” or the quirky “Soul Bossa Nova?” The only way to find out is to be there and cast your vote!