Winston-Salem, NC – Activate Entertainment‘s Solstice: A Winter Circus Experience was an inspiring and unique blend of dance, feats of strength and agility, creative movement, and Banquine acrobatics that pushed the limits of possibility. The closeness of the performers in the small and intimate space at the Reynolds Place Theatre in the Hanesbrands Visual and Performing Arts center created the sensation of spying on children at play in a delightfully immersive experience.

Amanda Fisk‘s lighting design was a dynamic part of the unfolding story. Beginning cold and stark on a bleak winter’s, light evolved with the narrative to illuminate the imagination of performers who   played with shadow and form, and danced with the light as if lost in a dream. Gently falling snow may have felt lonely at the outset but hope and perseverance prevailed as the audience was soon reminded of the limitless joy of a child on a snow holiday. Ledarius Parker, Sierra Rhodes, Kevin Flannagan, and Liam   have choreographed unlimited potential in raw form, they defied expectations and built excitement with each new act. (Bios of the performers may be read here.) The audience was transported to the edge of possibility, and hypnotized with expectation, as they witnessed strength and daring in partner acrobatics, incredible balance and concentration in juggling, Cyr Wheel and unicycle, and fearless confidence in the Chinese Pole.

This production was a simple yet mesmerizing delight to the senses and shared a message that transcended language of an indelible human spirit, and what can be accomplished if you wonder and dream. Gasps, cheers, screams, and applause erupted from the audience as performers soared and tumbled past the limits of possibility. Solstice was a magical escape from the mundane, and a beautiful reminder to dare bigger and never to allow the light of imagination to be extinguished.

The Active Entertainment Project, soon to be known as Circus Evo, is a contemporary circus company based in the Triad. These incredibly talented performers draw from a variety of disciplines – from clowning and juggling, unicyclists and acrobatics, to contemporary dance and Chinese Pole. Now in their fourth year of delighting audiences, they are embarking on their first multi-city tour, bringing the magic of their incredible circus experience to new spaces.

There are two more chances to see Solstice: February 21 in Durham, NC at the Carolina Theatre and ​February 24 in Hamlet, NC at the Cole Auditorium. View our calendar for more details.