WFAE reports “A fire broke out at Theatre Charlotte overnight Monday, causing significant damage to the theater’s 216-seat auditorium, including its seating, floors, ceiling and technical equipment.”

The theatre was unoccupied and there were no injuries, but the auditorium has apparently suffered considerable damage. WFAE’s report is here.

The company has posted the following on its Facebook page:

In the early hours this morning, our theatre was severely damaged in an electrical fire. A large portion of our space (including the seating, stage, lighting, and sound equipment) are either severely damaged or completely lost. Although we are damaged, we are grateful.

We are grateful that nobody was injured.

We are grateful for first responders who saved what they could.

And we are grateful for this theatre community.

Word has spread quicker than we could have imagined. All of us at Theatre Charlotte are so incredibly touched by the outpouring of love, support, and the messages from people waiting in the wings ready to take action.

As soon as we know more information about what our future will hold, we will be sure that you – our family – are in the know.

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