Two recent articles in Philadelphia’s Broad Street Review take on the issues of criticism, ethics, and compensation of reviewers, setting up a circular firing squad, as it were, as they address these topics.

  • How important is professionalism in an era when everyone’s a critic?
  • Should critics submit their reviews to editors?
  • Does it matter if critics are paid by the publication?
  • If the critic’s only compensation comes in the form of comp tickets, is the writer beholden to the presenter?

CVNC is a 501c3 non-profit providing coverage of the arts across North Carolina. Here’s our take on this.

  • CVNC writers are professionals in their fields. We also mentor student interns and provide them the opportunity to hone this craft.
  • Writers are paid. Interns receive small stipends to help cover travel costs.
  • All reviews are edited.
  • When a review is assigned, a CVNC staff member requests two comp tickets from the presenter. (Purchasing the tickets would more than double our expenses.)
  • Reviews and the calendar on CVNC are supported by:
    • Tax-deductible individual donations and donor-advised funds from community foundations;
    • Grants from government agencies, foundations, and corporate matching funds; and
    • Display ads purchased by advertisers at nominal rates.

Read Broad Street‘s two sides of this issue here and here.

Do you agree with CVNC‘s take on the process?

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