This article contains information on CVNC’s display ads and the opportunity to have previews published on CVNC. If you know of other NC arts organizations who might want to participate, please share this information with them.

A reminder of all CVNC does for the NC arts community

CVNC posts more than 3,500 unique events (7,000 individual performances and exhibits) submitted by presenters each year. We contract with more than 40 writers across North Carolina who are assigned 500+ reviews each year. Funding from the Raleigh Arts Commission and United Arts of Raleigh and Wake County is limited to use in their locales. If you feel we do not review enough events in your locale, please encourage your friends to consider a donation to us, too. Remember:  We are all in this together!

Calendar Listings

Thank you to all who have sent 2015-16 season information to Matthew at  He is busy entering those events in our calendar. If you have not send NC events yet, I encourage you to do so. (For those of you with spring and summer festivals, we recognize that your schedules are not firm yet.) Instructions are found at Do NOT send photos to him – his mailbox stays full as it is.  We recognize that it is more efficient for many groups to send press releases to everyone. If you do that, please include a “Just the Facts” area, so he does not have to search for the needed information.

Display Ads

The display ads you see in the right column of all our web pages can be purchased by the week, month, or year. We give discounts for longer runs or multiple ads. All display ads are sold – we do not trade for our ads.  If you wish to commit to several short ads during the year, we will offer a discount equal to one ad running for a longer period. For each ad, you may also submit a preview (information below).

More information about ads, including prices for a single ad, is available at If you need help designing a display ad, we will do our best. We request you send any flyer or your season brochure so the ad will approximate your other designs. This work is free.

Trade of presenters ads for previews

While we cannot trade for our display ads – this is a large percentage of our small budget – we are willing to give you previews in trade for a comparably-valued ad in your program book. We want you to sell every ad you can, but if you have space available as your deadline approaches, consider this trade with CVNC. We value our preview space at $50/preview, so an ad worth $200 in your program would allow you to submit 4 previews.

Disclaimer: Display ads and preview trades are part of CVNC’s marketing programs. These do not guarantee a review will be published. The people at CVNC who work with them have no say in review assignments. Writing assignments are made based on multiple factors, but primarily the availability of a qualified critic to review a particular event and the constraints on our budget (we pay the writers and editors, plus website fees and the regular costs of running a nonprofit).


Previews are submitted by the presenter and linked to the calendar listing on CVNC. The preview article may be anything the presenter wishes  – press release, program notes, feature article – it is the presenter’s choice. The first line of the preview will be “This preview has been provided by _______” so the presenter may make it as promotional as it wishes. The link to the preview will be shared on CVNC’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Include 1 – 3 photos (jpg or gif format only) with the preview. Each photo must include a photo caption and the person/company to be credited. Do not send graphic designs.

Note to Wake County presenters only:  CVNC has a special agreement with CORAC, United Arts, and the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau. Multiple times a day, CVNC’s calendar data for Wake County are transmitted to the GRCVB for inclusion in their calendar.  If the presenter is located in Wake County, one of the photos submitted with a preview will also be posted with the calendar listing and transmitted with that listing information to the GRCVB.

For More Information

If you have questions about submitting events for our calendar, contact Matthew at
If you have questions about display ads or previews, or if you would like to reserve ad space, please contact Carolyn at  If you feel we can better answer your questions by phone, call CVNC at 919-480-2286. This is a Google Voice line, so it will take a few seconds to transfer to me the person answering the phone.

Here’s to a great year of the arts in North Carolina!