Minstrel Show: The Lynching of William Brown (Manbites Dog Theater, Aug. 22-Sept. 13 at 703 Foster St., Durham, NC) is an encore presentation of an award-winning docudrama written by Max Sparber, directed by Natalie Sowell, and starring Lakeetha Blakeney and Dalmar Montgomery. According to preshow publicity, “With humor and tears, Minstrel Show tells the true story of a 1919 lynching in Omaha, Nebraska, through the testimony of two fictional African-American minstrels who witnessed it all. Called back to testify before an investigative committee, the minstrels at first refuse to describe the details of the lynching, instead performing scenes from their act, including comic vignettes and prison songs. Eventually, they come to realize their importance as witnesses to history, and tell the chilling story of the night-long siege on the Douglas County Courthouse that ended with the terrible murder of William Brown.” For more information, visit http://www.manbitesdogtheater.org/2/. For tickets, call 919/682-3343.