The CBC reprints an article from The Canadian Press on theatre criticism (applicable to other disciplines…) that points up one of the major challenges facing purveyors and consumers of serious cultural commentary today – not to mention the artists (and their presenters) who are the subjects of these “reviews”: quick turnaround made possible by the truly instant publication social media makes it so easy for anyone and everyone to do nowadays.

Carolyn Kohring wonders if more or less spontaneous comments on Facebook, Twitter, and in blogs affect how theatre companies and film organizations look at professional critics. And which is better – an immediate response or, as one director says, “Real critical authority… to cut through … this large amount of reaction….”

At CVNC, we work to be a professional arts journal that provides commentary as quickly as possible, consistent with high critical standards.

Which is more important to you – a Twitter comment, some number of stars on a website, or a thoughtful analysis by a writer you’ve come to know?

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