In via e-mail:

Hi, I enjoyed reading Tom Moore’s review of the NC Symphony’s Sci-Fi Spectacular concert, which well captured the experience of this wonderful event. I had so much fun at the June 27 performance that I went back the next night, and had just as much fun! IMHO, movie (and TV) music doesn’t get the respect and concert exposure it deserves. As Moore suggests, it’s also a perfect way to introduce a younger generation to symphonic music. The NC Symphony performed this rather demanding music gloriously. The one thing I was surprised Moore did not mention, and that I would add, is the contribution of conductor Jack Everly as a host and commentator — his remarks not only were entertaining and helped engage the audience, but revealed his considerable knowledge of and appreciation for movie music. Interestingly, he (and also George Takei and Kristin Plumley) spoke off the cuff and varied what he said from one performance to the next. I felt it added a lot. Also, a special treat not listed in the printed program or mentioned in the review was Miss Plumley’s performance of “When You Wish Upon a Star,” from Disney’s Pinocchio. Though not from a sci-fi film, it somehow seemed exactly right for the occasion.

Sincerely, Susan Dakin