To the Editor:

I just wanted to send a quick note regarding Robert W. McDowell’s review of Phantom of the Opera at the Durham Performing Arts Center, which I attended on the same night as he did, November 28th.

In his review, Robert states, “… plus invigorating accompaniment of a full orchestra under the baton of musical director and conductor Jonathan Gorst.”

Unfortunately, this is incorrect. There were only 16 members in the touring Broadway production of Phantom‘s pit orchestra, many of which were doubling on more than two instruments, and many instruments were left out of the instrumentation all together, to include, trumpets. All of this can be confirmed by the playbill, but more importantly, by the ear. Mine, having been sincerely disappointed from some poor sounding synthesized instruments, as well as by pre-recorded music in some sections.

As I said, just a note! Other than that, the cast was outstanding. The thing that lacked, but only a little via what I’ve mentioned above, was the pit.

Jeramy Goble
Butner, NC

* * *