Mozart’s birthday is coming up on the 27th, as anyone who’s not living under a large rock surely knows. Our calendars reveal considerable activity – performances of several editions of the Requiem in diverse villages and burgs plus various and sundry other scores in school and professional settings throughout the state – and still more events will be announced for later this season and next fall. (We’ll be covering some of these in the next little while, of course.) Many of these offerings are single, stand-alone tributes, but as we noted in October, there’s one big ongoing series that is worthy of special note. It’s at Meredith – where the stops are being pulled out with special vigor this week – and it involves Frank Pittman and Carol Chung in four concerts devoted to the sixteen late sonatas for piano and violin. The second of these programs, presented in Carswell Concert Hall on January 23, featured the Sonatas Nos. 32 in F, K.547 (Für Anfänger); 21 in C, K.296; 17 in G, K.301; and 31 in A, K.526. As before, there is infinite variety in the music – as there was in the performances, too, which hewed to the highest technical and artistic standards (Meredith’s Yamaha notwithstanding – Pittman has pretty much figured out its several quirks). Mozart often gets a bad rap for being so facile, but the deep emotions that were conveyed by these admirable and always-reliable artists made for some truly profound and moving listening. The series continues in March and concludes in April. Music lovers who are not boycotting the Mozart anniversary altogether (there are such unfortunates…) owe it to themselves to hear at least one of these recitals.