Listening to Bach

Brother of God
Music sublime
Brought from the sod.

Star-stuff is real
All are one
So deeply to feel.

Tears of relief
Empty the soul
Healing the grief.

His magic employ
Sadness retreats
To dancing and joy.

Amazing delight
What was once dull
Is now full bright.

Life is renewed
With bright treasures
The heart is imbued.

There is no barrier
When joy is shared
It brings us together

Pleasure untold
Woven from life
Truth fits the mold.

Power o’erwhelming
Majesty above
This earthly dwelling.

Gentle and sweet
Gift to all
Incomparable feat.

Meaning unscrolled
Hidden secrets
Are now fully told.

Awakened to live
Reminded that
Having is to give.

In thought and word
And doing and being
We find his Lord.

Life is worth living
We hasten to serve
Though sometimes faltering.

What a blessing
Erbarme dich*
When we are confessing.

Endless delight
Surprised and renewed
We become true light.


I especially enjoy listening to a keyboard work ~ say, Goldberg Variations** ~ in absolute darkness.

Ken Hoover (01/30/2010)

*Kathleen Ferrier, contralto, preceded by a line from Walther Ludwig, as the Evangelist, conducted by Karajan.
**Heard here in the 1945 recording by Wanda Landowska, playing her grand old battleship of an instrument (from pre-HIP days).