Artist Soapbox is an audio platform for Triangle-area artists to discuss their creative work with their own voices. Durham-based theatre-maker and 2020 Piedmont Laureate Tamara Kissane chats with artists about their work, their plans, and their manifestos.

Episode 140 of the Artist Soapbox, “Big Feelings and Big Fun,” explores imagination, heart, and audio storytelling for children. Tamara’s interview with actor and composer Matthew Hager* dives into a trio of treats with Giselle la Trent the Gazellephant, “Spotted, Blotted, Polka-Dotted: the Story of Peter the Hippo,” and Stuck Stories, all three created by Matthew and produced by Aggregate Theatre Company.

In this episode, multi-hyphenate theatre artist Matthew Hager discusses his original audio dramas for kids and the young at heart. (You;ll even hear some clips!) Matthew shares his process for creating audio theatre, his thoughts about writing for children, and the power, flexibility and meaning-making of story for all ages,

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For information directly linked to Stuck Stories series, here is the blurb and the link for those episodes:

Clarabelle and Brady thought their family trip would be a peaceful one, but they never expected an avalanche!  Without any adults around, the siblings try to survive the dangers, fears, and boredom that surface while they hope for rescue. All the while, they learn more about themselves and each other than they ever expected, especially when mysterious things begin happening around the house. If you’ve been feeling stuck at home lately, join Clarabelle and Brady’s exciting and endearing journey in Stuck Stories. As an extra treat, each Stuck Stories episode includes an activity that families can participate in at home so that they can interact, play, and create just like Clarabelle and Brady. (Disclaimer: Stuck Stories was created for families and listeners ages six and up, but does engage with themes of loss and grief, including the impact of the death of a loved one. While not the primary theme of the show, please consider this context when determining the appropriateness of the show for each child.*)

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*In his spare time…, Matthew Hager is CVNC‘s theatre editor and intern coordinator.