Early in the reign of King Arthur of Britain, before he has gained the renown for which he is known today, the king receives a visitor. This gentleman, who says he is from the far-away land of Tabithia, has a most interesting tale for the king. The man is named Darien, and he is the crown prince of Tabithia, soon to ascend the throne. The tale he brings Arthur is the Story of Syrenya, The Naked Queen.

In the early 1100’s, the Scandinavian country of Tabithia is in turmoil. Ballizar, ruler in this realm, has devised a “ritual” that seems bent on destroying the country’s maiden population. This terrible rite takes place every full moon, and no maiden yet has been able to withstand it. But tonight, as this horrid process begins anew, the king in interrupted by a mysterious woman, Syrenya, who tells Ballizar that she is here to participate in this rite and that she will complete this ritual.

The amazing tale of Syrenya and her king is told in Alan R. Hall‘s new novel, The Naked Queen. She can and does fulfill the rite and thus ends it, and she is therefore made the king’s wife and Queen of Tabithia. But only then does she learn the terrible truth behind the ritual, and that truth is far more sinister, far more evil, than even she can imagine. In order to save her king and thus the country from a monstrous foe, it will take all her cunning, all her intelligence, and the span of a quarter century to put right.

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