We invite your attention to this special fundraiser:

Famous Trios: Bahamian Red Cross Benefit Concert
Sun., Nov. 24, 2019 at 7:00 PM
Performed by Jonathan Kramer, cello; Anatoly Larkin, piano, Matvey Lapin, violin
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, 3313 Wade Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27607-4123
Program:Two members of the NC State Music Faculty, cellist Jonathan Kramer and pianist Anatoly Larkin, will be joined by virtuoso violinist Matvey Lapin in a benefit concert for the Bahamian Red Cross. The program will feature famous trios by Beethoven (op. 70, no. 2) and Brahms (op. 8, no. 1).
Suggested donation $20 but donations of any amount are welcome and encouraged.

Here’s why it matters:
The Bahamas Red Cross Society continues to support those impacted by Hurricane Dorian as local volunteers and Red Cross representatives from around the world help people returning to start their recovery on Grand Bahama and Abaco.
In Nassau, the team at the Bahamas Red Cross Society headquarters continues to register and provide basic supports, water, food, clothing, to 125 households per day. Already more than 6,000 families have received some support from the Red Cross.
One of these families is Laurel Dean and her sister Emilyann Johnson. They stopped to share their story with us as they left a Red Cross distribution site in Nassau. In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, the sisters and their children were evacuated to New Providence island. Both are working hard to get themselves and their families back on their feet. “When you have that mindset, there is nothing else you can do just push forward,” Emilyann said.
The Bahamas Red Cross continues to work to give crucial aid to people impacted by Hurricane Dorian. As we continue to provide comfort and aid including food, water, and hygiene items, we are also starting to distribute financial assistance to help families who have lost so much to the storm.
“You are amazing,” Emilyann said about the people involved with the Red Cross. “You work hand in hand with us.”
Getting relief to people in need remains the number one priority of the Bahamas Red Cross Society. This includes continuing to provide comfort to help people cope with the emotional pain they are experiencing in the aftermath of the disaster; providing financial assistance; and distributing relief items.
In these first two months, the Red Cross has distributed
• 1,167 shelter tool kits
• 5,071 blankets
• 1,950 kitchen set
• 5,122 hygiene kit
• 2,400 jerry cans
• 2,632 tarpaulins
On Abaco Island and surrounding cays, for example, the Red Cross is distributing relief items
such as jerry cans, food, cooking kits, buckets and blankets to families starting the recovery
Thanks to the willingness of people in the Bahamas (and worldwide) to donate, the Bahamas
Red Cross can continue to provide support to communities in need. On Great Guana Cay, Red
Cross food parcels are supporting both community meals and individuals, filling some gaps in
Community leader Tami Siewruk says she and the community are so grateful for all the support coming from the Bahamas and around the world. “I feel like everything in my life that I have ever done … it all brought me to this very moment,” Tami said. “I reached out [for help] and everybody has been great. That’s a blessing.”
Thank you for your donations. The Bahamas Red Cross Society was here before the storm,
during the storm and we will be here to support people into the future, but we couldn’t do it
without support from you. We can do what we do because of you.
With gratitude,
Terez Curry,
President, Bahamas Red Cross