Hannah Grannemann at UNCG is doing some research about mask-makers. She writes:

“Hello friends! I hope you are doing as well as you can at this time. I wanted to see if you could help spread the word about a research study I’m doing with a team here at UNCG looking at the motivations of individuals who made masks in the early part of the pandemic. I wonder if you would be willing to share this paragraph and link in your social media and/or newsletter?

“Did you or someone you know make masks during the early part of the pandemic (March-June)? We want to hear from you! I’m on a research team doing a study about the social, monetary, and political motivations of people who made masks. Here’s a link to the survey: http://go.uncg.edu/mask-making. Please feel free to share, and thank you! Questions? Contact maskresearchproject@gmail.com or principal investigator Jennifer Reis at jareis@uncg.edu.

“Thanks for considering it!”