Classical Voice of North Carolina (CVNC) depends on donors like you for more than 60% of our income. This year, donations are lower than they have been in years. We need you more than ever!

Each month, presenters submit more than 300 events for our calendar. We pay our critics and editors to review fewer than 50 of those. Therefore, more than 250 worthy concerts, plays, dance performances, and art exhibits do not receive our professional reviews that help the presenters hone their craft and draw audiences.

Our Arts Journalism Intern Program for performing and visual arts students is popular and growing across the state. As many arts audiences are graying, CVNC student interns bring their fresh perspectives to our readers and to our writers. Encourage these students through your donations!

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We are eager to visit with you in person, so please join us on June 29, 2014, for a program and discussion at Ruggero Piano in Raleigh (see enclosed invitation). We will also be in Greenville at The Music House for their Summer Music Festival in July. Watch for more information about this event on our website.

We took a leap of faith and increased our services to arts communities across our state. Maintaining this level of service requires your generosity We need you more than ever!


Classical Voice of North Carolina (CVNC)


CVNC is an online journal covering the arts across North Carolina.

Our mission is to inform residents and visitors about the incredibly broad spectrum of arts events throughout our state. Most important for us is the need for our readers to be able to find events that appeal to them.

Our readers use our:

  • CALENDAR to learn about upcoming arts events in multiple disciplines throughout North Carolina.
  • ARTICLES (Reviews and Features) to evaluate the past performances or exhibits of an artistic presenter.  Our articles are submitted by our own writers, guest artists, educators and specialists. 


  • 3,438 unique events in 2013
  • 6,676 individual performance and exhibit dates in 2013
  • 11,892 unique events since January 2010
  • 24,111 individual performance and exhibit dates since Jan 2010


  • 528 features and reviews of events and exhibits in 2013
  • 6,001 reviews and features in archives

Presenters and Locations

  • 894 presenters submitting performances and exhibits since 2010
  • Events in 1,247 locations in 135 towns and cities across NC

CVNC’s Shoestring Budget (need to update these)

  • Writers and Editors – $72340  (75% of total budget!)      
  • Website ongoing design and fees – $8,000      
  • Administrative costs  – $16,400   (salary, office supplies, etc.)