I am so excited to announce that CVNC.org has officially changed its name. While we remain the CVNC you’ve known since 2001, that now stands for the Cultural Voice of North Carolina. The board of directors decided early this year to go forward with this change, and we have been patiently waiting for the paperwork to go through before making this announcement. Now, it’s official!

We believe that this change will more accurately reflect the statewide, inclusive nature of our publication. Since our beginning, we have been covering a variety of arts media, and our goal has always been to reach the entire NC population, reflecting the vibrant and constantly growing arts landscape we all love. Originally focused on classical music, theatre, and dance, our founders envisioned a high-quality arts journal that would comment and critique upon the very finest artists in our communities and advocate for the progress they represent. In the past twenty years, we have seen that progress grow exponentially, and we want to acknowledge this incredible work. The arts speak to everyone and are so much bigger than our original scope: we have already added film, contemporary music, devised theatre, performance art, visual arts, folk and bluegrass music, and more to our own coverage, and we don’t want to be limited by the constraints of “classical” or “fine” art.

CVNC means to serve as a chronicle and advocate for the entirety of the arts in NC – a snapshot of our amazing communities and their vibrant cultural offerings. To this end, we are actively seeking to increase the diversity of our board, staff, and contracted writers, so that our shared voice reflects North Carolina’s arts as a whole. This name change is just the first step in thoughtfully widening our scope, accessibility, and representation as we grow and evolve.

CVNC, the Cultural Voice of North Carolina, will begin implementing new branding materials and a website infrastructure overhaul beginning in Summer 2022 – please stick with us during this transition and stay tuned online and on our social media channels for updates!

Facebook: @CVNC.org | Twitter: @ CVNCorg

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Andrea Luke, Executive Director