The Charlotte-based online arts journal Arts à la Mode has folded, bringing to a close its seven-year run. Never heard of it? More’s the pity.*

We’re all in this together, and some of these platforms, known and unknown – like the one the loss of which we mourn this week – do (or in this case did) some good work. But we cannot survive in little separate vacuums.

Instead, we need to know about each other – we need to know who’s working this field of cultural journalism – for the good of the community we all seek in our various ways to serve.

So this is an open call, an invitation if you will, to all who operate cultural sites in our state – and/or to the people in the community who know about them – to speak up. For openers, feel free to contact us, here at CVNC. Because we’re all in this together and if we wait till they’re all gone, it will be too late.

*We’d never heard of them, either – till the group’s obit appeared in the Charlotte Observer‘s “State of the Art” blog last week.