Triangle Wagner Society: Jeffrey Buller “Tristan und Isolde: The Potion That Is Poison or the Brew That Is True?”

The Forest at Duke 2701 Pickett Road, Durham, NC, United States

Tristan und Isolde remains one of Wagner’s most beautiful and yet most challenging creations. It is a work that is best appreciated by feeling it, not by analyzing it. That having been said, however, Tristan und Isolde does contain passages of poetry that are unique among Wagner’s libretti. By taking a look at just one of the images that appears in this poetry—the image of the love potion—and how that image evolves over the course of the work, we may come to see aspects of Tristan und Isolde that might otherwise remain obscure. We may also gain greater insight into how Wagner adopted and adapted concepts from his source material that apply to his other music dramas as well.

Free – $15