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Through 6/1: A Family of Men Trembles as Mom Finally Comes into Her Own in Honest Pint’s Comedy “Grand Horizons”

In playwright Bess Wohl’s insightful dramatic family comedy, which made the short list for the 2020 Tony Awards, unhappy matriarch Nancy French (Lenore Field) has abruptly decided to pull the plug on her 50-year marriage. 

Her taciturn, stick-in-the-mud husband, Bill (Paul Newell), is okay with the move. 

The kids? Not so much, to say the very least.

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A Tonic for the Troops on a Needed Night Off: ASBX Live’s “Home Sweet Home” at Theatre Raleigh

It’s hard not to conclude that ASBX Live gave the playwrights a living theatrical sketchpad, one on which to work out a series of interesting opening moves with imaginative themes that we’d strongly encourage both to pursue. Performers who were clearly having a good time got a good workout in a brief project where they got to focus only on vocal acting. And a crowd of theatricals still reeling from the week’s news got a chance to unwind in a night of fellowship, one spangled with wit and savvy, easy-stakes showmanship: a three-way win, in short.

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Triangle Theatre and Dance 2023: The Best of What We Saw

Since end-of-year wrap-ups inevitably use a lot of figures, let’s start with the most improbable one of all: 338, for the number of theater and dance productions staged in North Carolina’s Triangle region during 2023. For those counting, it was an all-time high in terms of yearly output for the area, a remarkable comeback for the two art forms that had been most threatened during the first three years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

No, we couldn’t see them all. The curated lists here of superlatives come from the one-hundred shows we did view from the region’s major companies and selected up-and-comers through the year.

The only way a region produces 338 different shows is with a large pool of artists and an even more extensive community of support. Those whose job it is to fret over even good news wondered at year’s-end how sustainable such a level of output could be. We’ll get an answer to that question in the coming year.

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