Advertising on CVNC

Income from the display ads sold for the CVNC website are an important part of our budget each year. This income helps us pay writers, editors, website fees - all the things needed to keep this online journal afloat.

Since 2001, CVNC has been committed to serving the arts communities of North Carolina through our online performing arts journal. Each year we post more than 3,500 unique events (7,200 individual performances or exhibits) and publish more than 520 reviews selected from those calendar listings.

CVNC partners with more than 1,000 artists and organizations across the state each year. These events are in 1,345 locations in 135 town and cities across North Carolina. CVNC sees more than 50,000 site visits each month. Many of these are by avid arts enthusiasts and others wishing to determine the cultural vitality of our communities. 

CVNC display ads are visible on all pages of the website. All display ads are sold – we do not trade for our ads.

Publicity exchanges are available: We provide an opportunity to receive preview space on CVNC in trade for an ad in a presenter's program, or comparable in-kind publicity (contact to explore specific valuations and terms).

Please see Help -> Buy Display Ads or contact us at for more information, rates, and ad specs.