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The new website - - has greatly expanded search functions. You'll want to use those functions when looking for events to attend or reviews to read after November 1, 2010. Until we are able to copy all the reviews from the old site into the structure of the new website, you may need to use this search function to find old reviews of interest.

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Search using a key word or words. Please note that full searches are limited to current calendars and 2006-10 music, dance, and theatre reviews, features, letters, and CD, DVD, & book reviews. Beyond that, our annual review indices have been annotated to facilitate searching and are indexed, too, and links to music and dance reviews within those compilations are active — within those lengthy pages, we recommend using your browser's "find" capability, employing the same key word that took you there from this engine. We regret that we cannot provide on-line access to theatre items prior to December 2004, but those columns are indexed, searchable, and available upon request. The search engine index is refreshed every Sunday at midnight. Please contact us if you require assistance.

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