Ciompi Presents: Dreamtime: Presented by Eric Pritchard

Kirby Horton Hall 420 Anderson Street Duke Gardens, Durham, NC, United States

Throughout human history, artists and composers have sought to lift the veil of the subconscious by giving voice to the dreamworld in their work. This concert begins with luminous sounds and evocative stories from six contemporary composers and concludes with a transcription of Arnold Schoenberg's glorious setting of Transfigured Night. The summer of 2024 will be a summer of chamber music not to be forgotten when Ciompi Presents once again, fills the chamber musical niche with vibrant artistry. This three-concert series never fails to delight audiences when the musicians share with the audience the inspirational creativity of master composers. Nationally and internationally recognized guest artists will join Ciompi musicians - violist Jonathan Bagg, violinist Eric Pritchard and cellist Caroline Stinson - in these celebratory presentations filled with creativity, conviviality and superb artistry. Join us for Ciompi Presents 2024 Summer Chamber Music Series at Duke Gardens and Baldwin Auditorium.

$10 – $25