It is a pleasure to write [about] my wonderful colleague, Roger Cope, who in addition to being an extraordinary musician is one of the most interesting critics writing in America today.
His perspective is a completely unpredictable mixture of many worlds, and he has the natural eloquence to keep his sentiments ringing in your ears long after the event he is writing about has passed into distant memory.
I write as one who has been on both sides of Roger’s prodigious pen…, not just one who has received uncritical accolades. I treasure his honesty and his perceptive capacity. When he thinks I’m on, I’m prepared to believe him; when he thinks I’m off, I worry and go into deep introspection and reevaluation mode. I don’t say this about too many people, let alone music critics!
Sincerely yours and with all warmest wishes to my many friends in North Carolina,
Eliot Fisk
Boston, MA