Saint Augustine’s College Presents “Miss Honey’s Young’uns”

October 2010, Raleigh, NC: Saint Augustine’s College’s fall play Miss Honey’s Young’uns” will be performed at the college in the Seby Jones Fine Arts building on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 7-9, and Thursday, Nov. 4, 7-9.

The play by J.E. Franklin could not be more timely. It is about a couple of students attending a college where they are the first and only African-American kids on campus.

George Jack, Assistant Professor and Director of Theatre Visual and Performing Arts, said that he chose the play “Miss Honey’s Young’uns” because it fits the students who auditioned and it relates to current events in Raleigh. “The play deals with the integration of an unnamed Southern college in the fall of 1956,” Jack said.

Jack said that he reads something in the paper every morning before work about the uproar with Wake County School System wanting kids to go to school in neighborhoods based on where they live. “I have not marched or gone to any of the rallies because I do not have any kids in the wake county school system, but I have an opinion,” said Jack. “Miss Honey’s Young’uns” and Wake County’s current situation both bring out issues with segregation. “It is in the news now and was in the news fifty years ago. Have we learned anything from that?” Jack said.

Typically the faces in the audience are students, friends and family of cast members, and faculty and staff. This year, Jack hopes to see members of the school board and the NAACP in the audience on the night of the show. He stated “I do not want to start a debate or have them discussing their issues. I just want them to come see the show, maybe it will be a starting point for something.”

Saint Augustine’s College is located close to downtown Raleigh at 1315 Oakwood Avenue. Parking is free and accessible.


The Heart of Carolina Jazz Society Releases First CD Recording, “Jazz Encounters,” directed by Gregg Gelb

November 1, 2010, Sanford, NC: The Heart of Carolina Jazz Society has released “Jazz Encounters,” directed by Gregg Gelb. This is the first CD in the 20 year history of the Heart of Carolina Jazz Orchestra. The CD includes Big Band standards and originals plus a special section of jazz arrangements of classical music by arrangers Paul Kelly and Gregg Gelb. The new arrangements for “Jazz Encounters” were created in 2009 through a grant to the Heart of Carolina Jazz Orchestra from the North Carolina State Arts Council, and this recording is supported by a Regional Artist Grant from the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County.

Sales info: Price of the CD is $15. Purchase by mail by sendinga check for $16.50 (includes postage and shipping) to: Heart of Carolina Jazz Orchestra, PO Box 253, Sanford, NC 27330. For more information visit or contact Gregg Gelb at or 919/770-0349.

(Press release provided by the Heart of Carolina Jazz Society,)