CVNC is pleased to introduce [as of 9/25/02]… THEATRE PREVIEWS, REVIEWS & NEWS, featuring Robert’s Reviews, by Robert W. McDowell

Note and WELCOME: The marketplace that forms our journalistic stew is in a period of great flux, hereabouts, with the recent departure of Susanna Rodell from her full-time slot as guru of classical music, opera and dance (at the N&O), the demise of Spectator (reported in our current news section), and uncertainty about The Independent‘s intentions vis-a-vis the arts, now that it has emerged as the Triangle’s only viable alternative weekly. Since CVNC is already an ongoing concern, concentrating on classical music and opera, expanding its base to include theatre seems a logical move. Classical people need have no fear as McDowell merely shifts his platform to ours; there will be no diminution of our current emphasis on classical music, and our calendar and news columns will not, for the time being, merge, so our theatre readers will find us a one-stop-shop, as his email service has been, for several years. Even as we congratulate McDowell on his debut in our journal, we are far from certain that it will be a permanent deal – there is, in our view, a possibility that he and the theatre crowd will see fit to establish a separate compendium devoted exclusively to theatre, either in print or online. Much depends upon the response of our readers – and the new readers that our coverage of theatre will bring. CVNC is operating as a non-profit entity, free of both advertising and commercial constraints, but together now we – the classical group & McDowell – are totally dependent upon contributed support from readers, foundations and arts councils/commissions. If this new column appeals to YOU, we invite you to support it. See “About Us” for details. And please let us hear from you.

John W. Lambert, on behalf of CVNC


Robert’s Reviews (Online Edition) (reposted & edited slightly on 9/26/02)

by Robert W. McDowell

EDITORIAL: When God Shuts One Door…

…He opens another. Last Wednesday, Spectator Magazine rolled off the presses for the very last time. This Wednesday, thanks to former Spectator classical music editor John Lambert and the “Classical Voice of North Carolina” web site, I am happy to report the debut of Robert’s Reviews (Online Edition). KEEP READING HERE (at for the HTML version of this edition and subsequent editions of Robert’s Reviews. (Note: Robert’s Reviews subscribers will continue to receive this FREE theatrical newsletter via e-mail.)

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