Weldon Mills Durham Distillery: Al Strong Quartet

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( Fri., Sep. 1, 2023 )

Weldon Mills Distillery, 100 Rockfish Dr, Durham, NC 27890


Al Strong is an award-winning trumpet player, composer, recording artist, and educator. A cultural innovator, Strong is lauded for his distinctively unique sound. Whether melting hearts at a whisper volume or delivering piercing musical intensity while being gracefully dynamic, his natural ability to strike listeners at their core is unmatched.


Weldon Mills Durham Distillery represents the best of now and yet what is still to come. A place, a vibe to experience world-class cocktails, music and spirit production. As the city of Durham evolves into the dynamic destination it was meant to be, Weldon Mills Distillery will act as the frontier place of entry and experiences.



  • Friday, September 1, 2023 at 7:00 PM