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Asheville Fringe Arts Festival: Fringe Short Films II

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( Mon., Mar. 20, 2023 )

Grail Moviehouse, 17 Foundy St, Asheville, NC 28801


Opprobrium by Mouse House Productions

The Primordial Impasse by Marco Joubert

A Flame in Our Midst by Elvert Bañares

Voyager Birdman by Gerald Habarth

Moth by Kate Weare & Jack Flame Sorokin

That Which Fades by Leah Moth



Now in its eighteenth year, Asheville Fringe continues to ask artists to explore the edges of their work, to collaborate across genres and to bring new and innovative performances to culturally adventurous audiences. We strongly suggest that you see more than one Fringe show because of the incredible variety of artists and types of work. One show is just not enough to really have the total Fringe Festival experience!



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  • Monday, March 20, 2023 at 9:00 PM