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Carolina Performing Arts: Big Dance Theater: The Road Awaits Us + Cage Shuffle: A Duet

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( Thu., Apr. 6, 2023 )

Memorial Hall, 114 East Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Co-founded in 1991 by Annie-B Parson, Molly Hickok, and Paul Lazar, Big Dance Theater is known for its inspired use of dance, music, text and visual design. Experience two of the company’s ambitious, philosophical pieces: The Road Awaits Us and Cage Shuffle: A Duet

In The Road Awaits Us — a piece based loosely on Eugène Ionesco’s absurdist first play, The Bald Soprano — Annie-B Parson stages a birthday party for a company of esteemed dance elders, including Brian Bertscher, Betsy Gregory, Meg Harper, Bebe Miller, Keith Sabado, Sheryl Sutton, Peggy Pettitt, and David Thompson. 

Cage Shuffle: A Duet is a playful duet in conversation with the pioneering work of composer and music theorist John Cage. In the spirit of Cage, Paul Lazar and Bebe Miller embrace chance to discover how speech and movement can combine to produce startling new connections.



  • Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 7:30 PM