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Heaven Sent / Divination of the Three / Young Goodman Brown

Thu., Jan. 27, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Online, , , NC


Heaven Sent by Nicole Costantini. We all feel connected to music. The bands we love influence how we understand ourselves and how we process life events. But what happens when the artist's actions change your personal relationship to their music? In Heaven Sent, the performer reflects upon her connection to the band Brand New and how that connection is altered when their lead singer is accused of sexual misconduct. She also reflects upon her own experiences with sexual misconduct and the personal reckoning that occurs while processing the ties between these incidents.

Divination of the Three: FMT is a scripted anthology series of exciting original audio plays spun from eerie and unusual themes such as “Love After Death” “Automatons,” “Childhood Fears,” “All Night Radio,” “Shapeshifters,” and so many more. The series also features some recurring, fan-favorite characters and storylines such as Anita the Fortune Teller, the intrepid real-life investigative reporter Nellie Bly, and the curious and bizarre goings-on of the fictional town of Sunken Harbor.

Young Goodman Brown by The Perspective Collective Ensemble: An adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's story, this mini-opera tells the short story of a young man who goes walking into the woods one night and meets a mysterious figure who might just be the Devil. From there he discovers a dark secret hidden by the most respected members of the community...or does he discover his own darkness within? This is a story that questions the nature of reality and examines the fragility of trust.


Fringe Triple Feature!

Tickets can be bought through the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival website starting January 1st.

These online shows are available for viewing online at any time after their initial showing until midnight, Sunday, January 30th.

Given the recommendations from the Buncombe County Health department and the rise in the COVID-19 positivity rate, the Asheville Fringe Festival will continue with its scheduled Online Live! and Online Films on the weekend of January 27-30, but postpone its in-person shows and events until March 24-27. This includes the kick-off party/benefit for Sly Grog, scheduled for Sunday, January 16th. The new date for the SlyGrog Benefit at LEAF Global Arts is March 6th.





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  • Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 7:00 PM