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Your Neighborhood Orchestra: POSTPONED Love Revolution

( Sat., Sep. 25, 2021 )

Knight Theater, 430 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202


Prepare to be blown away by a spectacular celebration of our area's epic music scene. Love Revolution is a groundbreaking collaboration between Your Neighborhood Orchestra (YNO), diverse local original artists, a DJ, and The Nouveau Sud Circus Project. Tradition is a thing of the past - genres are bent, storytelling becomes physical, synergy is the new energy.

We have long awaited to be a community in contact with each other, across boundaries. YNO aims to take this opportunity to create a bridge to that space. If you're new to the area, this is a great place to start learning about what your local music scene has to offer!


Tickets begin at $10


Charlotte SHOUT Festival


  • Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 8:00 PM