Visual Art

North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA): Golden Mummies of Egypt

( Sat., Feb. 13, 2021 - Sun., Jul. 11, 2021 )

North Carolina Museum of Art, 2110 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607-6407


Golden Mummies of Egypt examines hopes and fears about the afterlife during the era when Egypt was part of the Greek and Roman worlds (circa 300 B.C.E.–200 A.D.). Wealthy members of this multicultural society still hoped for their dead to be transformed by the expensive process of mummification. By being covered in gold, the deceased might imitate the eternal radiance of the gods. Blending Egyptian, Roman, and Greek imagery, the strikingly lifelike painted mummy portraits are among the most haunting images from the ancient world. Examining the meanings of these objects for their original viewers, the exhibition reflects on the diverse influences of identity formation.

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Rescheduled from September 2020.

Member tickets go on sale Wednesday, November 18; for nonmembers, Wednesday, December 9. Tickets are $20 for nonmember adults, $17 for seniors, and $14 for youth ages 7–18. More information is available online


$20 - $14


  • Saturday, February 13, 2021 - Sunday, July 11, 2021