Duke Performances: Fisk Jubilee Singers with special guests Durham School of the Arts Choir

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( Fri., Oct. 18, 2013 )

Baldwin Auditorium, 1336 Campus Drive, Durham, NC 27708



(Arr. William L. Dawson): Ain’t That Good News 
(Arr. John W. Work III): Our Father
(Arr. J.W. Work III): Done Made My Vow
(Arr. Hall Johnson): When I Was Sinkin’ Down 
(Arr. H. Johnson): Honor! Honor!
(Arr. Gene Bartlett): Here’s One
(Arr. J.W. Work III): I’ve Been In the Storm
(Arr. Moses Hogan): Cert’nly Lawd
(Arr. Jester Hairston): Poor Man Laz’rus
(Arr. J.W. Work III): Let the Church Roll On
(Arr. J.W. Work III): Jubilee! Jubilee!
(Arr. Paul T. Kwami): Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 
(Arr. H. Johnson): Ain’t Got Time to Die
(Arr. J.W. Work III): Lord, I’m Out Here On Your Word 
(Arr. J. Hairston): Hold On
(Arr. Wendell Whalum): Sweet Home
(Arr. M. Hogan): Old Time Religion
(Arr. M. Hogan): The Battle of Jericho
(Arr. William Smith): Ride the Chariot


Reserved seating.


$32; $26; Ages 30 & Under $15; Duke Students $10

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  • Friday, October 18, 2013 at 8:00 PM