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Much of the music in Eighteenth century Europe was influenced by the styles that developed out of Italy yet musical Europe had great variety.

Bach, Handel and Telemann come to mind when we think about baroque composers. Each knew the musical styles of the day, used these as inspiration but would interpret in his own way creating a vast array of offerings.

Carolina Pro Musica’s concert “Baroque Masters” features works by these already mentioned composers plus Jean-Philippe Rameau, Anne Danican-Philidor and Johann Adolph Hasse. These chamber works, dating from the first half of the eighteenth century, are well-crafted yet are not frequently performed.  Handel’s trio HWV 395 is one of the few works he wrote for two flutes (traversi) and continuo. The flute weaves its magic with soprano voice in the Bach aria “Meine Seele” from Cantata 204. Though a secular work, the text has overtones of many of Bach’s sacred works. The flute will join solo bass viol in Telemann Trio TWV 42: G10.

The equally popular recorder (flute à bec in French) will be heard in a work specifically for that instrument by Anne Danican-Philidor who is best remembered for founding the Paris Concert Spirituel at the Tuileries Palace. The recorder will also be heard in a joyous Telemann aria from the Sunday after Easter.

French solo harpsichord dances by Rameau add another dimension with the introduction of a tambourin in which the left hand imitates a drum.

The crowning highlight of the concert will be Hasse’s Italian cantata Pallido il volto featuring soprano voice with flute/recorder and continuo. The soloists create visions of Arcadia with the pastoral figures Clori and Tirsi being part of the action. This cantata is performed from Carolina Pro Musica’s own edition based on manuscripts from Italy, France and Germany.

Baroque Masters
October 29, 2016, 8:00 PM

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
1510 E 7th St
Charlotte NC 28204