I could scarcely believe how dismissive Mr. Rossman was of the Fauré piano quintet performed by the Brentano Quartet and Ignat Solzhenitsyn on Sunday afternoon, October 20. He had few if any good words for Brentano and Solzhenitsyn, and faint praise for the work itself.
For me this was not a “dream world” that went on too long. It did what music should do – draw us into another realm where the mind can range about in ways never possible in the reality of everyday life. It was NOT necessary for Mr. Rossman to compare the Fauré with the Stravinsky – each composer has a different message cast in a different mold.
I think Mr. Rossman needs to go back to Music Appreciation 101 and review his assumptions about music. I learned a lesson very early in my musical life, that to try to make less of Brahms by making more of Bach and Beethoven is odious.
J.B., Raleigh