Frank D. Pittman

Pianist, accompanist, and chamber musician Frank D. Pittman completed his D.M.A. at UNCG. He writes: "There is a saying that actors should never be producers and that producers should in no way be actors. The same applies to musicians and 'reviewers.' Almost inevitability, a 'reviewer' who is a performing musician cannot perform with the same level of mastery as the artists he (or she) reviews. The reviewer, consequently, is not often capable of ascending to the high echelons they advocate and demand — and that can be a frustrating experience. Conversely, musicians, as 'reviewers,' can never truly be objective, for when they try to be candid in their remarks, they invariably forge adversaries within their own professional circle when commentary is less than luminous. This, in turn, creates bias in the formation of the reviews and can thereby dissuade the writer from candor. It's a devil vs. the deep blue sea dilemma, for sure!"

Articles by Frank D. Pittman:

Mei-Ting Sun, Cortot, Gould, Tatum Perform Live in Raleigh

Recital Review by Frank D. Pittman,  May 19, 2005