C.C. Lilford

photo by Anya Ekaterina

C.C. is a writer and critic currently based out of Wilmington North Carolina. Their background is in storytelling, across mediums and genres, with a focus on balancing the fantastical with the nuances of human drama. C.C. enjoys a wide range of art across mediums, the operas of Gilbert and Sulivan, the comics of Grant Morrison, the music of Prince, the films of Howard Hawks, the novels of Jane Austen and much more. As a critic C.C. strives to balance an understanding of genre history with the a work's place in a contemporary context and the voices of the creatives involved.They have a B.A. in Communications from Goshen College and Masters in Film Studies from UNCW. C.C. is an occasional collaborative critic on the podcast BBB Radio and a script doctor on the fiction podcast Rifted.  When not working on a project, C.C. can be found at random antique stores looking for lost treasures.

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