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Kitchen Returns to St. Stephen's with a Bravura Recital

Recital Review by Geoffrey Simon,  January 19, 2020

Kathryn Mueller's Intimate and Lovely Début Album

Early Music, Vocal Music Media Review by Marvin J. Ward,  January 19, 2020

Sonata Sandwiches at St. Stephen's

Recital Preview,  January 19, 2020

Not for the Faint of Heart: DP Offers Ives Violin Sonatas and Inspirations

Chamber Music, Choral Music Review by Andrea McKerlie Luke,  January 17, 2020

Wintson-Salem Symphony Performs Amazing All-American Concert Featuring Béla Fleck

Bluegrass, Orchestral Music Review by Timothy H. Lindeman,  January 11, 2020

The Charmed, Checkered, and (mostly) Peripatetic Life of the Amazing Oboe Joe

Memoir, Music Media Review by Marvin J. Ward,  January 6, 2020

The North Carolina Symphony Welcomes Fans of All Ages and Abilities with Happy Feet to a Latin Beat

Clown, Orchestral Music, Puppet Theatre Review by Spencer P. Phillips,  January 4, 2020

You've Not Truly Heard a Musical Selection until You've Heard It Played by the Raleigh Ringers

Handbell Ensemble, Holiday Concert Review by Alan R. Hall,  December 21, 2019

Serenity Descends upon Duke Chapel as the VAE Returns for "O Holy Night"

Choral Music, Vocal Ensemble Review by John W. Lambert,  December 20, 2019