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Beethoven's Complete Music for Piano and 'Cello Obbligato

Recital Media Review by Marvin J. Ward,  August 16, 2019

Three for All: A Diverse Program at Ruggero Piano

Chamber Music Review by Chelsea Huber,  August 11, 2019

NC Baroque Orchestra – an Afternoon Delight

Early Music Review by Ken Hoover,  August 10, 2019

NC Summer Opera with Semi-Staged Don Giovanni

Opera Review by Bill Robinson,  August 8, 2019

RLT's Teens on Stage Give an Intimate Portrayal of Antigone

Theatre Review by Alan R. Hall,  July 19, 2019

EMF Young Artists Orchestra: Franck, Schumann Op. 54, & Respighi

Orchestral Music Review by William Thomas Walker,  July 18, 2019

Personal A.I.M. Achieves Moving Performances

Dance Review by Jackson Cooper,  July 16, 2019

Brass Transit: A Fresh Take on Chicago with the NC Symphony

Orchestral Music, Rock Review by Chelsea Huber,  July 12, 2019

Malpaso Steps Into The Spirit of the ADF

Dance Review by Kelly Dalton,  July 12, 2019