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Duke University Chorale Homecoming Concert

Choral Music Review by Andrea McKerlie Luke,  March 19, 2019

Soloist Highlights Varied NCS Program

Orchestral Music Review by Barry Salwen,  March 17, 2019

From Art to Music, Sketches into Sounds Made on B&W Keys

Recital Media Review by Marvin J. Ward,  March 15, 2019

Warren-Green Expands Charlotte Symphony's "Titan" Concert to Rousing Effect

Orchestral Music Review by Perry Tannenbaum,  March 15, 2019

No Prix fixe here: Wild and Woolly Programming, À la carte

Chamber Music, Jazz Review by John W. Lambert,  March 15, 2019

The Jasper String Quartet with Caroline Shaw

Chamber Music Review by Barry Salwen,  March 10, 2019

Bartók, By George, in Chapel Hill

Orchestral Music Review by John W. Lambert,  March 10, 2019

Baroque in a Brewery: The NC Bach Festival

Chamber Music, Early Music Review by Chelsea Huber,  March 9, 2019

Music from Dresden Performed on Two Harpsichords

Early Music, Recital Review by Richard Parsons,  March 8, 2019

Hook, Tink, and the Croc All Chomp Scenery in Bonnefoux's Merry Peter Pan

Dance Review by Perry Tannenbaum,  March 8, 2019

Lucas Meachem's Moore County Recital: A Triumphal Encore Homecoming

Recital Review by William Thomas Walker,  March 4, 2019

Currying Favor on Behalf of Songs of the South

Orchestral Music Review by John W. Lambert,  March 3, 2019