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Transactors Improv Co. Review: Twenty Years of Now! Is Transactors Improv Co. at Its Hand-Clapping, Knee-Slapping Best

January 17, 2003 - Durham, NC:

In Twenty Years of Now! Transactors Improv Co. celebrates two decades of brilliantly improvised comic skits based on audience suggestions. Each performance is entirely different, and some are comic gems.

Last Saturday night, the first act featured some amusing short-form improv segments enlivened by crisp musical accompaniment by pianist Glenn Mehrbach, and the second act consisted of a single highly entertaining long-form improvised comedy/drama: "Transactors a la Anoushka"

Transactors director Greg Hohn, associate director Anoushka Brod, and former company J. Chachula headlined the "Transactors a la Anoushka" segment in which the performers created a plot and characters on the fly, and then interrupted the action periodically to sit down for a brief interrogation by audience members asking specific questions about their backgrounds and probing their motivations.

Hohn was hilarious as an outwardly distinguished (but inwardly randy) geriatric professor who deflowered a sexually precocious but high-strung Italian-American 16-year-old portrayed by Brod in a gloriously twitchy comic characterization. Chachula, Regina Bartolone were a hoot as Brod's indignant parents, and Steven Warnock was amusing as a Marlon-Brando-like Godfather-ly grandfather.

Monifa Chamble, Nancy Pekar, Steve Scott also crafted nice comic cameos playing multiple roles in this latest bit of inspired lunacy by the Triangle's premier improvisational comedy troupe.

Transactors Improv Co. presents Twenty Years of Now! Friday-Saturday, Jan. 17-18, at 8:15 p.m. at Manbites Dog Theater, 703 Foster St., Durham, North Carolina. $15 ($10 Jan. 15). 919/682-3343. http://www.transactors.org/.